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Taxi Rates

We believe in providing transparent fare information to our clients. We’ve listed the most current taxi fare and pricing information here. These National Maximum Taxi Fare rates are effective since April 30th 2015 and rates will be reviewed by the National Transport Authority every 2 years.

Standard Times: 8am ­ 8pm
Premium Times: 8pm ­ 8am, Sundays and Bank Holidays

Initial Charge

Standard: €3.60
Premium: €4.00

Distance Allowance

Standard and Premium: 500m

Time Allowance

Standard and Premium: 85 seconds

Tariff A (up to 15kms)

Standard: €1.10 per km or €0.39 per minute
Premium: €1.40 per km or €0.49 per minute

Tariff B (over 15kms)

Standard: €1.45 per km or €0.51 per minute
Premium: €1.75 per km or €0.62 per minute

Extras (where relevant)

Booking fee: €2.00
Extra adults, second and additional passengers: €1.00 each
Extra children under 12: 1 free, 2 or 3 €1.00, 4 or 5 €2.00, 6 or 7 €3.00
Road toll charges: added as incurred
Soiling charge: maximum €140
Credit / debit card fee: maximum 5%

Special Premium Rate

A special premium rate will apply from 8.00pm Christmas Eve until 8.00am St. Stephen’s Day and from 8.00pm New Year’s Eve until 8.00am New Year’s Day. During these periods, the initial charge will be €4.00, and then Tariff B applies (€1.75 per km, €0.62 per minute). Extras, where relevant, remain the same.